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Siphon Hose Uses

Super siphon uses for your new Super Easy Siphon Hose!

You may have seen a similar product that you’ve heard under many names including super siphon, safety siphon, simple siphon, super jiggler, jiggler siphon, magic siphon, and many more.  Whatever you call it, if you have used one of these amazing siphon tools you probably have decided to never be without them. Look at all the amazing things you can do with your Super Easy Siphon Hose:


  • Siphon emergency fuel from any containers to your car, truck, boat and more
  • Drain and clean aquariums and fish tanks
  • Empty a waterbed using  a siphon hose connected to a garden hose
  • Use for emergency water storage and moving water from container to container without electricity
  • Empty a clogged and filled up sink without a mess – just siphon the water into a bucket
  • Transfer and siphon fuel on cars, boats, rvs and more by using a simple siphon hose
  • Use your siphon around the farm to easily bring extra fuel to tractors and equipment
  • Empty a gas tank in order to safely repair vehicles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, equipment and more
  • Avoid the dangers of siphoning gas by siphoning fuel safely without using your mouth
  • Keep an emergency siphon hose with your prepper and emergency supplies in order to be prepared


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